Ham’s Veggie-Friendly Hamper



Gordal Pitted Olives by Perelló
Green, crisp and fleshy olives with a touch of heat from the Guindilla chillies in the marinade.

Smoked Catalan Almonds by Brindisa
Fried almonds from Catalonia that are oak-smoked overnight. Deep woody aroma and sweetness, balanced by the slight bitterness of the almonds.

Rosemary/Olive Oil Biscuits by Gavino
The olive oil torta is a flat, unleavened biscuit that was first invented several hundred years ago to provide an easily portable snack for stagecoach passengers passing through the city of Seville. Herby, crisp and flaky.

Black Truffle Potato Crisps by Torres
Artisan-made crisps with intense aroma with sweet and fruity notes from black truffle. Gluten free.

Empeltre Black Olive Paste by Brindisa
Ripe, black Empeltre olives from Aragon. Fragrant and intense. The skins and stones of the olives are removed and the flesh is then ground to a smooth paste.

Dark Chocolate Covered Figs by Rabitos Royale
Thin-skinned variety of fig called Pajarero, stuffed with a ganache of cream, chocolate and brandy. Intensely flavoured, slightly chewy, and meltingly delicious.

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