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Sliced Ibérico Salchichon by Montanegra
Produced from Ibérico pigs and has fruity aromas and a sweet lengthy finish.

Sliced Serrano Ham by Somalo
Fresh, sliced jamón and cured in Northern Spain, this Spanish ham comes from free-range pigs. The ham is salted and then cellar cured for a minimum of 10 months. There are many of ways to enjoy Serrano; wrapped around melon, diced and cooked with vegetables, sprinkled on fresh salads, added to paella or pasta, or on a sandwich with some Manchego cheese.

Baby Gherkins by Brindisa
Small and crunchy. Preserved in white wine vinegar with mustard seeds, silverskin onions and peppercorns. Pairs perfectly with strong cheeses such as Manchego and cured meats.

Savoury Butter Crackers by DaVeiga
Bakeries in Galicia have made products that would last on board of ships for centuries. These traditional biscuits are crisp, taste good and the butter gives a lovely richness.

Wedge of Organic Manchego Cheese
Made with unpasteurised organic Manchega sheeps’ milk and traditional rennet. Semi-hard texture, sweet, buttery, and nutty.

Fireflame Chilli Jam (Mild) by Single Variety Co.
Delicious sweet chili jam. Great as a marinade for prawns or chicken, or use it as a spread for a grilled cheese sandwich.

Gordal Pitted Olives by Perelló
Green, crisp and fleshy olives with a touch of heat from the Guindilla chillies in the marinade.

Smoked Catalan Almonds by Brindisa
Fried almonds from Catalonia that are oak-smoked overnight. Deep woody aroma and sweetness, balanced by the slight bitterness of the almonds.

Infused Olive Oil (Garlic, Basil, or Chilli) by La Chinata
*Hamper comes with one infused olive oil of choice.

– Garlic
Made from extra virgin olive oil and toasted garlic slices. Eliminates some harmful bacteria in the body and is a potent natural antibiotic. It also helps with a good digestion, prevents heartburn, promotes circulation and facilitates the proper functioning of the heart, and liver. Use on pizzas, sauces or salads.
– Basil
Fresh basil leaves with extra virgin olive oil. Basil has many beneficial health properties. It combats exhaustion, stress and insomnia, and helps with digestion. Delicious in tomato and mozarella salad, pizza or pasta dishes.
– Chilli
Chilli peppers with extra virgin olive oil that bring a great aroma and flavour to any dish. Perfect for those who like intense and spicy flavours. A great antioxidant and reinforces our defenses, and helps to heal wounds. It also helps with the absorption of iron in the body and has a high content of minerals. Perfect in pasta sauces, salads or pizzas.

Dark Chocolate Covered Figs by Rabitos Royale
Thin-skinned variety of fig called Pajarero, stuffed with a ganache of cream, chocolate and brandy. Intensely flavoured, slightly chewy, and meltingly delicious.

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