Ham’s Single Cheese Hamper



Retorta by Finca Pascualete
Spanish torta cheese made from unpasturised sheep’s milk with the addition of salt and thistle rennet, making it suitable for vegetarians. The sheep graze on the wild pastures of Extremadura which creates a floral, herbacious flavour to the cheese. Creamy, almost liquid, with an ivory colour and a powerful flavour and aroma. Spread on pieces of bread with honey, combining salty and sweet flavours.

Orange Blossom Honey by Alemany
Intense floral aroma with a mild, sweet flavour balanced by sharp, citric notes.

Savoury Butter Crackers by DaVeiga
Bakeries in Galicia have made products that would last on board of ships for centuries. These traditional biscuits are crisp, taste good and the butter gives a lovely richness.

Gordal Pitted Olives by Perelló
Green, crisp and fleshy olives with a touch of heat from the Guindilla chillies in the marinade.

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