Ham’s Favourite Spanish Hamper



Sliced Ibérico Chorizo by Montanegra
Produced from Ibérico pigs in the Extremadura region. Soft, sweet, smooth with balanced flavours.

Wedge of Organic Manchego Cheese
Made with unpasteurised organic Manchega sheeps’ milk and traditional rennet. Semi-hard texture, sweet, buttery, and nutty.

Membrillo Quince Paste by Paiarrop
This simple jam is made from quinces and sugar, sourced in Spain. Can be used as a spread, to add sweetness to savoury recipes or, in the classic Spanish tradition, be eaten with Manchego cheese.

Black Bursa Fig Preserve by Single Variety Co.
Fig preserve made with the best quality Turkish figs. Not too sweet, and full of juicy chunks of fig. Served great with a cheeseboard, on porridge, or on toast.

Rosemary/Olive Oil Biscuits by Gavino
The olive oil torta is a flat, unleavened biscuit that was first invented several hundred years ago to provide an easily portable snack for stagecoach passengers passing through the city of Seville. Herby, crisp and flaky.

Hot Guindilla Peppers by Brindisa
Sharp and piquant and normally eaten as a tapa. Can make an excellent pizza topping, a brilliant addition to a cheese sandwich or bring a piquancy to a plate of charcuterie.

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