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Ale’s Tales – I Do Like To #LBW17 Beside The Seaside

I Do Like To Beer Beside The Seaside copy

Although the weather might not have realised it, it’s August, and as the month that is supposed to bring sunshine and happiness pokes its head round the corner, so does Leeds Beer Week (#LBW17). So rain or shine, there will be a plethora of great beers to fill your glass with here at Friends of Ham, particularly from the south west of England as part of our summer beer festival, I Do Like To Beer Beside The Seaside.

First off, is a big thank you to our friends at Vessel Beer Shop in Plymouth for sending up a bunch of great beers from their end of Blighty that don’t make their way this far north. At this very moment we have a selection of beers from: Moon Child, Woodman’s Wild Ale, Black Flag Brewery, New Lion, who we had the pleasure of having at the bar to share a few extra special bottles with us, and finally, one of the real stand out breweries from this year, Verdant, with a tap takeover happening with them on the 9th.

On top of the Falmouth breweries outstanding: Pulp, Lightbulb, Headband, and Some Fifty Summers, we will be pouring their newest and most exciting offerings, such as…

Neil Gets Things Done – IPA

Possibly the best IPA to have come out of the UK this year, this beer is a concoction of a huge bright orange hue and tropical fruit aromas, apricot, tangerine, mango that carry on onto the tongue with a zesty and finally piney bitterness. A beer not only ideal for the current market but also one that, once again, proves that Verdant’s best new brewer award was well deserved.

Further – Double IPA

This big double IPA weighing in at 8% ABV is slightly more on the danker side of the spectrum, with aromas of pine resin, a grassiness, grapefruit and melon. Sip away and its palate is smooth and slightly dry, moving into flavours of pithy orange, tangerine, papaya with a bit of hop spice until the pine bitterness sweeps in again.

Pineapple Express – IPA

This beer is so new and exciting that I know nothing about it. It’s an IPA, made in collaboration with Denmark’s Dry And Bitter, and it’s named after a great film. You’ll have to find out for yourself!

It doesn’t end there though, oh no. There’s nothing more exciting than receiving an e-mail regarding this weeks Ale’s Tales ending with the sentence ‘these are big hitters’. Scrolling down the list of beers ordered this Monday, the happiest day of the week, slowly revealed bigger and bigger hitters, that over the next week will appear behind our bar.

Cloudwater / Other Half – Imaginary Greenscapes – DIPA – 8%

There’s one thing that Cloudwater and Other Half are renowned for: huge DIPA’s. It was only a matter of time before they would come together in an explosion of juice, hops and oats all packaged in a pretty can. In April, we were treated to ‘Tremendous Ideas’, the collab brewed at Cloudwater. This month, the beer brewed in the US has been re-brewed for our enjoyment, and it’s about time. Available on draught and in cans, this beer is going to ooze with pureed mango, spicy orange, melon and peach, on a soft and pale bready malt base, culminating in the now obligatory dank finish.

Alesmith – Speedway Stout – 12%

Speaking of not to be missed, the formidable, amazing, decadent, beautiful, breathtaking, I-would-marry-and-live-out-the-rest-of-my-days-in-stouty-bliss Speedway Stout is coming to Friends of Ham. If you can fight me away from the tap, you can try one of the best imperial stouts ever made. Yes, I know it’s not exactly massive imperial stout season but just try this real achievement of a beer. I honestly have a picture of me and a bottle of this on my wall, as if it was a family friend. Pouring a colour that can only be described as a black hole in a glass, you will get flavours of deep roast malt, dark chocolate, espresso, vanilla, liquorice and booze. All this is wrapped up in a viscous, sticky battle of bitter sweet. I think I’ve shown that this is a good beer, but by all means, see for yourself.

Cigar City – Jai Alai – IPA – 7.5%

Quite possibly the best-known beer from Florida’s Cigar City, the legendary Jai Alai (pronounced HI-lie) is a perfect example of one of the bigger IPA’s to come from across the pond, hugely hopped, with a moderate bitterness, it’s extremely drinkable for its 7.5% ABV. Initially sweet, with strong malt base of caramel and a slight toastiness, flavours of orange, ripe peach, mango and zingy grapefruit come to the forefront, followed by subtle pine and grassy notes. Not. To. Be. Missed.

If you don’t want a family holiday, have a Framily holiday.

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