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Ham’s Tales – The Ham & Cheese Co

My friends often ask me what the perks are to my work as a Manager at Ham & Friends. Last Tuesday was without doubt one of those wonderful perks. We had the pure meaty joy of one half of the brains behind The Ham & Cheese Company on site giving us a training session on some of the most wonderful products they supply to our kitchens.

The training session is opened with how passionate Elliot is about the craftsmen of the products he supplies. He knows them all by first name and he smiles as he talks about each maker as if to remember the booze and food fuelled lunches they enjoyed upon visiting each and every one of them in person. We see pictures of idyllic landscapes that could be mine or your holiday snaps, and it hits me, this man makes a living out of buying, selling and supporting high quality charcuterie and cheeses to the meat and dairy addicted folk of the UK- THIS is the job of dreams, the job with all the perks.

We start to taste a small selection of what The Ham & Cheese Company have to offer and what they deliver to our restaurants and bars fresh and with love every week. Flavours melt in mouths, sounds of ‘mmmm’ and eyes widening as we really take in the quality of the meat. These guys certainly know what they’re doing and we’re over the moon to be doing good things together. Here’s three of my favourites from the session;


A spicy soft salami that spreads deliciously over toast. It has a punchy heat that warms my mouth almost into a dribble! Back fat and lean meat from the pigs head make up this delightful sausage and a big piece is weighed and coming home with me!!

Coppa Trentino

Pork neck is the actual cut of this wonderful wafer thin meat. Smoked with the sweet flavours of chestnut and beech by it’s creator, Massimo and cured with salt- it’s ridiculously moorish in taste. Older, huge 320kg pigs are used for Coppa, meaning a more intense flavour than charcuterie that’s made from commercial pigs.


This little beauty is laced with wild fennel, the aniseed deliciousness tickling the sides of my tongue. A Tuscan pork sausage that legend has it- was discovered after a young boy stole a sausage from a local fare and hid it in a nearby field full of fennel, on his return to eat his stolen goods the sausage had picked up flavours of the fennel and….. TADA!!! Genius.

All these products are stocked in our food hall at Ham & Friends and sliced fresh to order.

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