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Ale’s Tales – Will You Start The Fans Please!

Ham Fisted

A bit like the last game in the Crystal Maze (yes a bit odd, but this analogy is going somewhere), great beer can come from anywhere, and sometimes it can be very hard to get your hands on, especially when there is a very short period of time that it’s available. Luckily for you though, we at Friends of Ham only ever get gold, with no risk of ever getting locked in a room or ever having to answer a riddle.

Marble –Dobber – IPA – 6.5%

This beer is a classic Marble brew, revamped for todays drinker. To me, the term ‘dobber’ was someone who told on you, snitched if you will. So if I’m a dobber for telling you that this beer is great, then so be it. It appears that this particular use for the term ‘dobber’ is in the context of marbles, and the ‘dobber’ is the biggest marble in your collection. You really never know what you might learn while reading a beer blog. Brewed in collaboration with beer writer, Matthew Curtis, after the beer was discontinued not long ago, this beer is made with Azacca, Citra, Mosaic and Nelson Sauvin. Dobber is aroma forward with flavours of sugared lemon, grapefruit, grassy and piney hops with a floral note.

Magic Rock – Shredder – Wheat Beer – 4.5%

Shredder returns for another year! And my my does it look good in its new packaging. Magic Rock display here that wheat beers and orange are a match made in heaven, using curacao orange peel, Seville orange and tangerine juice on top of coriander seed. Smashable is definitely the operative word here, this low ABV bev is as refreshing as it is tasty.

Dry and Bitter – Crimson Queen – Barrel aged fruit sour – 10.2%

The Queen is back, long live the Queen. A real staff favourite here, one that if we could, we’d have in permanently for all to try. So if you’re in over the next week or so, grab a bottle of this beautifully crafted brew. Crimson Queen is a young Flemish brown ale, aged in Pinot noir barrels with Danish black cherries added. Expect aromas of a cherry jam, almonds, red wine and the smidgen of a sour note in the nostrils. With flavours of cherries, vanilla from the wood, almonds, a slight acrid tang, vinous notes, raisins and a mild yoghurty feel, all finished off with a somewhat dry and white bread finish. I don’t use the term ‘complex’ lightly, but this truly is.

Wylam / Friends of Ham – Ham Fisted – DIPA – 9.5%

This is special. As I’m sure you know, for our birthday we brewed five beers with breweries around the country. Our collab with Wylam was so Goddamn tasty that it is being released in bottles for the world to try. Come grab a bottle of this hugely hopped double IPA, packed full of peach, melon, papaya with an underlying spicy hop and pine note, and sip away in the place where it all began. This must be what a proud mother feels like.

Speaking of our birthday beers, like the post party balloon that is still on the ceiling a week later, all five are still available on tap, so there is still time to try these amazing collabs with, Beavertown, Northern Monk, Mad Hatter, Marble and Wylam. It’s not too late, but when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Wylam – Swipe Right – Sassion Pale Ale – 4.7%

Now, I presume this is a tinder joke? So you should ‘super like’ this easy drinking and juicy pale from our good friends in Newcastle. And that’s all I know about tinder. Anyway, this beer is packed full of flavours of grapefruit, kiwi, pineapple, with toasted grains, and a light dry bitterness.

Beatnikz Republic – Smash IPA – IPA – 6.5%

A new brewery to Friends of Ham, this emerging third wave brewery from London have single hopped an IPA with the experimental hop ADHA 527. Expect nectarine, stone fruit, warmth, a hint of lime, hop spice and a floral aroma.

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