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Ale’s Tales – Birthday Extravaganza

Leeds Birthday

Like that workmate who puts it in the office calendar, or that one friend who posts daily countdowns on Facebook, we’re here to remind you that it’s our birthday next week! And yes, we are excitedly counting down the days for what is to be an amazing night of festivities. Move aside Christmas, it’s five years since Friends of Ham was born and you are invited! This is no jelly and ice cream affair. Not only do we have five exclusive birthday beers (yes, one for every year we’ve been open) brewed by Framily members and our friends at Beavertown, Northern Monk, Mad Hatter, Marble and Wylam; we are also bringing you special brews from; Magic Rock, Northern Monk, Wylam, Mad hatter and Verdant. And if we haven’t treated you enough, you can have a half of birthday beer on us! So, come down, say hello or stay all night, chat with our brewery friends, our suppliers and our lovely staff, rub our cheeks and tell us how much we’ve grown since the last time you saw us, Aunty Margery style.  We’ll see you there…

So, announcing for the first time and exclusive to our birthday;

Wylam – Ham Fisted –DIPA – 9.5%

After contacting our friends further north we had the amazing response of ‘Lets make a huge DIPA!’ and that is exactly what we did. Cal and Fern headed up to the Palace of Arts and made double IPA with tons of Citra, Mosaic and Cryo Hops. Expect a mouthful of tropical fruits, some dankness and hoppiness for days. This beer will be available on not just keg but also cask, because why not?

Mad Hatter – No Skin Off My Back – Lardo inspired Gose – 3.8%

If we didn’t make something absolutely mental with Liverpool’s Mad Hatter brewery then what would have been the point of even heading over to Merseyside? I think this beer fits the bill. Tom, Abbie and owner Kitch headed over to Liverpool to make a beer inspired by everyone’s favourite cured back fat and play some Frisbee at the brand new brewery. Taking the base beer form Mad Hatter’s famous Tzatziki Sour, we have added salt, rosemary, thyme, juniper and some star anise as a homage, and perfect paring, to Lardo. My suggestion would be to grab a glass of this beer at our bar made from the very same marble that Lardo is cured in, and then sup it down with a few strips of the beautiful Tuscan delicacy.

Northern Monk – Marshmallow Bea – Marshmallow, chocolate and coffee milk stout – 6.5%

We’ve always loved Northern Monk and so a birthday beer with them was always on the cards, the question was, what do we make with them? The answer: a boozy version of our Spanish hot chocolate. Named after bartender Mikey’s seductive looks as he and Cal brewed down at the Old Flax Store, this beer is made with chocolate, coffee, giant marshmallows and most importantly, love. Expect a smooth and creamy lactose mouth feel, with a full-bodied chocolate and vanilla sweetness finished with a coffee and roast malt bitter finish. Get your hot chocolate fix in the middle of July.

Marble – Frazzle Rock – Smoked Porter – 5.9%

After researching this beers name sake ‘Fraggle Rock’, it seems that the Fraggles had a thirty minute working week, meaning that had they existed and weren’t puppets from the 80’s, they would have plenty of time to enjoy a few pints of this smoked porter, brewed at Manchester’s Marble brewery by Ted and Harry. Made with a ton of smoked malt, this beer will not only be reminiscent of everyones favourite bacon crisps, it will pair beautifully with our partially cured Carne Salata.

Beavertown – Hawaii 5 Oh – Pineapple Grodziskie – 4.9%

Yes, its as hard to pronounce as it looks, this beer made down at Beavertown – a brewery that has been a constant in our fridge and on our taps for all five years we’ve been open – is a variation of a Polish oak-smoked wheat malt. What Matt and Kitch did was add pineapple for this controversial pizza style brew. Drink it by itself, or pair with some of our charcuterie, this beer will accentuate any smoky flavours and add a tangy fruity note to contrast.

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