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Ale’s Tales – Vote Beer! Omnipollo Tap Takeover & More


It’s fair to say that there is a beer for everyone, be it in our fridge, keg or cask, we’ve got you covered. It’s also fair to say that everyone has a favourite few breweries, the ones that whenever you see a brew by them you just have to try it. It can be hard sometimes searching for these fabled beers, but sometimes its given to you on a platter. To have nine keg and eight botted varieties of such a brewery would be a treat and a half, only improve upon if the brewery in question was Omnipollo.

On Thursday the 8th we will have just that. Pretend if you will, that beer is a piece of gold, then you take that gold, cover it in chocolate, deep fry it and add fairy dust and unicorn blood. That is Omnipollo’s beer for you. Beautifully made, sought after and just the right amount of mad scientist/Willy Wonka all mixed in one gate. At 6pm, on our tap you will find:

– Hypnopompa – an imperial stout brewed with almost 100 kgs of marshmallows and Tahitian vanilla beans (the size of cigars)
– Julie – Triple Mango Creme Brûlée Lassi Gose
– Leon – Belgian pale, assertively hopped and fermented dry using champagne yeast
– Magic #3.5 – Pineapple Gose
– Mazarin – Extra Special Pale Ale
– Selassie – Imperial Stout with Ethiopian Coffee and Vanilla Beans
– Zodiak – Big juicy IPA
– Fatamorgana – Double dry hopped, Imperial IPA made with wheat and oats.
– Sitis – Collaboration with the Netherlands’ best brewery, De Molen. Imperial Pineapple IPA

Joining Noa, Mazarin and Zodiak in Bottles:

– Leon
– Onda – Mosaic single hopped APA
– Perikles – Rustic Pilsner
– Sitis
– Rum BA Hypnopompa – The first time this beer has ever been in the UK, a super special version of the already amazing Imperial stout.

Where else are you going to find such a plentiful offering from one of the world’s best breweries in one place? This is not to be missed.

Oh the fun doesn’t stop there though, less than a week later we’ll be graced with the mighty presence that is Beavertown. Although tickets are sold out for the dinner (sorry), we will have some of the Tottenham giant’s more special brews flowing from the bar, including two mega double IPA’s. The first of which being, M.A.D, a collaboration with Lervig brewery. If you haven’t tried anything from this monster of a Norwegian brewery, let alone a beer made with Beavertown, then you’re in for a treat. Second on the DIPA list is Humuloid; the product of doubling Lupuloid – a beer four years in the making – and one of the best IPA’s to come out of the UK last year. Hops are not the only thing on the menu. Space Phantom Berliner Weisse will be available for lovers of sours and puckered lips, alongside Goslar Dreamin’ Rhubarb Gose. Sweet rhubarb, elderflower and a hint of lime zest tease the nostrils. Dig deeper and your palate is filled with a gentle wine-tart acidity, white florals and a stony, mineral core.

To finish things off we have two kegs of Heavy Water imperial stout, one with chilli, tonka bean (beers current favourite bean) and vanilla, as well as another with hazelnut and cocoa…for dessert.

That is not all, you will aslo see, taste, smell, maybe even hear:

– Moonshiner
– Julian
– Clausenii
– Bergamonster.

If you are popping in for these events or just want to say hello, keep a beady eye on our 10th keg tap, as it evolves from Magic Rock’s Cannonball into Human Cannon Ball and finally, Un Human Cannonball. All without a single rare candy being used.

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