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Ale’s Tales – Fram-ma-gamma-ham-ma Ray Day


If there was one word that summed up beer for this week at Friends of Ham, in fact, the only word that could sum it up, it would be: Beavertown. This Wednesday we become ‘Fram-ertown’ with our Beavertown beer dinner and tap take over, ‘Fram-ma Ray’. On top of these clearly amazing puns, we’ll have some of the Tottenham Hale giants’ best beers for your drinking pleasure, in a showcase of one of the UK’s forerunners of the craft beer movement. Wednesdays beer selection is living proof of the advances, not only from a brewery that has now become a figure head in the UK scene, but also that of the general beer scene all together. That being said though, the proof is in the pudding.

I would seriously have Heavy Water as a pudding…

Wednesdays tap line up will look as follows:

Heavy Water – Cocoa and Hazelnut

A variation on one of Beavertown’s best beers, this 9.8% imperial stout has a huge hit of nuttiness on the nose, with sweet dark fruits that transition into a rich and creamy Belgian chocolate and, finally, a dark chocolate, bitter finish. Like I said: pudding. And I’ll be pudding one of these straight into my mouth. I can hear you laughing from here.

Heavy Water – Tonka and Spices

If you haven’t had the absolute pleasure of tasting Tonka bean, you’re in for a treat. Imagine liquorice and coconut had a baby but it then had to be raised by its godparents, Mr Vanilla and Mrs Cinnamon. It’s one of those ‘you have to try it to know’ kind of flavours that seems to be one of the more popular adjuncts in beers of late. Aside from Tonka bean, and its unfortunate yet completely hypothetical childhood, this impy stout also has notes of dried figs, spicy mango with an undertone of tobacco from the cascabel chillies, and dark chocolate.

Beavertown Says… – Goslar Dreaming

This next beer comes from a series that has allowed individual members of the Beavertown team to create, make and revel in the glory that is their own beer, this one being from Lidia. Goslar Dreaming, a beer that not only makes a gnarly beer geek reference to the home of the Gose style of beer, is a German style wheat sour beer made with Rhubarb. Sweet rhubarb, elderflower and a hint of lime zest tease the nostrils. Dig deeper and your palate is filled with a gently wine tart acidity, white florals and a stony mineral core. The mineral note flows right through til the finish of clean citrus pithiness and raw wheat.


Before you think, no, this is not a forgotten member of McDonalds branding. The ‘Berga’ refers to bergamot, not the mince patty. This is Friends of Ham, after all, not friends of Hamburger. This beer is a Hefeweizen made in collaboration with Square Root Soda Works, and indirectly, Earl Grey. With an initial citrus burst and tangy bite, it is added to by the classic German wheat characteristics of banana bubble-gum and cloves.


If there is one word to describe the brewery that collaborated with Beavertown on this beer, Lervig, it is “mad”. Like mental, crazy, ‘what the hell are they going to do next?’ and ‘please take the fork away from them because it may well end up in a socket’. They just made a beer made with money and pizza. Mad. In this contest though, it means ‘Mutually Assured Destruction’. This big double IPA just reeks of mango, pineapple and a piney, resinous note. Take a sip and you’ll find passion fruit, peach and zesty lime, with a liquorice and black pepper bitterness.


Last year Beavertown released their first ever proper IPA into their core range and, to be honest, it was amazing. Understated, easy drinking, and packed with flavour, not to mention the mental pink and green can. How can this be improved? Double it. Humuloid is not only a beautiful double IPA, full tropical fruit flavours from Columbus, Citra and Azzaca hops, it is also made with Vermont yeast, with a smooth and silky mouth feel from the addition of wheat and oats.

Space Phantom

Space is kind of scary. Phantoms are kind of scary too. Space Phantom is neither, it is banging. The beauty of a Berliner Weisse is it’s simplicity, but also huge flavour: Sour, citric lemon and lime juice, with underlying fruit notes, and easily drinkable.


For Beavertown’s fifth birthday, they collaborated with five breweries in celebration of the event. For this, Julian was created alongside Basqueland brewery of Spain. This Brown ale is earthy, with ground coffee notes, charred wood and a touch of spice. Its bitterness is drying, with coffee cake, and a sweet tastiness.


So if you want to take a beer style, let’s say one you’re used to, and then make it mental, add brett. Like having a sandwich but then fashioning it into the shape of a formula 1 car. That is what adding brett to a beer can do. It’s the same, but different in a hugely complex way that only experiencing it will show the results. Claussenii is a bretted IPA, made in collaboration with Michigan’s renowned Founders brewing. This beer is dry, funky, with floral and orange notes alongside melon, wood notes and a piney kick.


America and Germany unite through the unity of beer! Moonshiner is a Berliner Weisse aged in Woodford Reserve barrels for three months. The biggest combination of sour and sweet since your last Chinese takeaway, this beer is full of aromatic lime, pepper and pine with a whiff of bourbon sweetness in the background brining in a charred and vanilla backbone.

*Our Beavertown Tap Takeover takes place on Wednesday 14th June from 5pm!*

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