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Ale’s Tales – This week in Beer


Hello from the side of Friends of Ham that is 99.9% meat free, with malt, barley, water and hops being the speciality. Feel free to guess what the 0.01% is. As always, we have some of the world’s best beers hitting the taps and fridges this week. But first: like that one friend who likes to drop hints months in advance, it’s our birthday soon! The 10th of July to be exact. Write ‘HB’ on our facebook wall, buy us a present if you want, but if there’s one thing you can do, come down to celebrate it with us. If anything the presents are on us, with 5 special birthday beers in collaboration with our friends at Marble, Beavertown, Mad Hatter, Northern Monk and Wylam alongside some ridiculously special beers – more on them to come. We’ll see you there.

To this weeks beers:

Two beers returning from Brasserie de la Senne, a modern brewery that slots perfectly along the beautiful, historic and traditional beers of Belgium, I mean they have been known to blend beer with Cantillon, their mates from down the road. Imagine just casually being mates with Cantillon. These beers are current but still unmistakably Belgian.


Brett. No, not that jock from the 80’s American teen drama, but the yeast that is the backbone of this beer, named after the strain of yeast associated with the Senne valley, Brettanomyces bruxellensis. This belgian ale is refermented with this yeast to create a beautifully dry and funky brew, copper in colour with pineapple and red fruits. Bruxellensis is the perfect after dinner beer, with enough Brett in there to eat your entire meal and then some. If you like Orval, like myself, you’ll love this.

Taras Boulba

If you haven’t read the book that this beer is named after, then don’t read the label, serious spoilers. That being said, crack open the bottle and you have a sessionable Belgian ale that hits the spot, with the classic Belgian yeast flavours; expect some cloves and banana on top of European hops and a crisp finish.

Lervig Aktiebryggeri – DDH Simcoe IPA

This wouldn’t be a beer list without an offering from Scandinavia, and with that, Norway’s best. Using an acronym that is becoming commonplace in the beer world, this IPA is double dry hopped with Simcoe, the dual purpose hop that packs this beer full of flavours with mango, pineapple, and a pine resin bitterness on top of bready grains.

Crooked Stave / Hawkshead – Key Lime Tau (2π)

Born out of the International Rainbow project, this beer was originally brewed in 2015 inspired by the colour green. I’m sure that some breweries would have been green with envy, to collaborate with Colorado’s Crooked Stave, renowned for their mixed fermentation beers. This beer, as you can probably tell, is inspired by key lime pie, or ‘π’ if you will. This beer is brewed with fresh lime peel, fresh lemongrass and lactose for a silky mouth feel and then aged in oak. Imagine the ripe filling of a key lime pie created by the lemongrass and lime peel, the lactose mimicking that smooth cream texture with a final woody oak note for the crust.

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