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Ale’s Tales – What’s new at Fram


This probably isn’t the first you’ve heard this: Beavertown came up and did a banging beer dinner with us and it was great. Five beers, five dishes, five post-bite smiles all round. Clare talked us through our five special brews and about all things Beavertown whilst dishes flowed down the stairs from the, once again, excellent kitchen team here at Friends of Ham, who paired each beer perfectly.

Honey fried Monte Enebro on mushroom toast with Claussenii bretted IPA for example; the musky rind of the blue goat’s cheese combined with the mushrooms worked to compliment the brett’s funk. The sweetness of the honey adding to the tropical fruit from the IPA’s hop profile, and any tang contrasted with the creamy cheese.

The stand out beer for us had to be Moonshiner, bourbon barrel aged Berliner Weisse – the classic German sour powerhaus added to with limes and oak. On sipping, this beer had a big initial lime sweetness that suddenly gave way to a pithy and sherbety sourness, all on top of a bourbon oak, vanilla backbone. This worked in tandem with an asiette of fish; Boquerones, Salmon, and Haddock. The haddock working especially well to add a smoky element that is hinted at from the barrel aged character of the beer, whilst the sourness is somewhat subdued by the cream cheese.

There’s no better way to end an indulgent night than with a good imperial stout. So we had two of them, Heavy water with cocoa and hazelnut, then with tonka bean and spices. The cocoa and hazelnut, paired alongside griddled morcilla, Cecina, beetroot puree, and poached quails egg. The morcilla accentuating the deep toasty notes of the stout while the beetroot added an earthy undertone.

A good time was had by all and a big thank you to Beavertown and our kitchen team.

That is not all from this week though! Oh no, we have some cracking new beers in the fridge:

Ninkasi – Wild Beer co

Alongside Beyond Modus III, Squashed Grapes and Shnoodlepip we have Ninkasi from Wild Beer co. Named after the God of beer, this beer is a wild Belgian style saison, made with New Zealand hops and apple juice, re-fermented with champagne yeast. Big crisp apple notes, with a yeasty aroma and spritzy mouth-feel. Eat your heart out Aperol…

Centennial IIPA – Cloudwater

It’s a big IPA and it’s made by Cloudwater, it was always going to be good wasn’t it? The first of the IIPA’s and a slight departure from the soft, juicy, hazy DIPA’s. This beer actually tastes like a hop and not something that would be at home in a fruit salad. The flavour is something not to be missed and one of our favourite beers from them in a while. As soon as you take a sip it instantly screams that this is much more towards a west coast IPA style, huge pine needle notes, resin and dank, with a beautiful melon quality thrown in as a fruity imposter in amongst the hop flavours.

Cantillon – Saint Lamvinus

Yes yes yes yes yes please. Cantillon, the king of the Lambic styles, the understated but legendary and historic white whale brewery is back in the building! Along with the Kriek and Rose de Grambinus we have the St Lamvinus, a beer brewed with Merlot and Cabernet-Franc grapes, in two to three year old lambic and aged in Bordeaux barrels. This beer will be tangy, vinous and tart with a slightly sweet note that gives way to a long dry finish. These bottles are not to be missed and won’t be round for long.

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