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Ale’s Tales – Treats from Fram


I say this a lot but I’ll say it again; here at Friends of Ham, we ensure that the beer we have in bottles, cans, keg, cask, growler, hollowed out scrimshaw tankard etc. etc. is the best we can possibly offer you. Be it cutting edge experimental brews, or a white whale beer that you just can’t wait to add a nice filter to on untappd. They all get the same treatment, red carpet, fanfare, and a crown for the delivery guy. If only.

In the last week we have been graced with the presence of Redchurch’s Urban Farmhouse, with brewer Jack talking us through five of their beautifully made experimental brews paired expertly with five dishes from our kitchen. Toasted fruitcake with mascarpone, PX syrup and dark chocolate with a dark sour ale? Yes please.  But of course the fun doesn’t stop. We were delighted to host the release of Brooklyn Brewery’s, Cloaking Device. A bretted porter aged in French oak red wine barrels, a beer that can only be improved on with a showing of What We Do In The Shadows. To top things off we’ve had the first pour of North Brewing Co and Ilkley Brewery’s Bonaparte, with a road trip from Fram Ilkley to our Leeds site.

Now onto the info you’ve been waiting for, what beers will you see in Friends of Ham and your glass over the next week…?

Oedipus – Offline

Amsterdam’s premier craft brewery have been appearing more and more in the UK market, and for good reason; their beers are cracking. Offline is a beer that they themselves describe as the feeling you have on a summers day; there’s a breeze in the air, the grass under your feet and the feeling that all you have to do today is nothing.  This 4.5% ABV witbier beer made with different grains, Belgian ale yeast and European hops, meaning it is a citrusy, fruity and slightly spicy, brings Vondelpark to central Leeds.

Stigbergets – West Coast IPA

The west coast IPA, a legendary US style that forefronted the craft beer movement, now somewhat over taken by all things hazy, juicy, and Scandinavian. Scandinavian this beer may be, but it is still made on the west coast…of Sweden. At 6.5% ABV this beer has a moderate malt sweetness, with big classic American hop flavours: tangerine, orange pith, mild grapefruit, citrus, with a wisp of white bread and pine and a bitter sweet finish.

Stigbergets – Amazing Haze

Speaking of hazy, juicy and Scandinavian. This beer fits the bill perfectly and has to be one of the best IPA’s in the world at the moment. Not convinced? Come in and try this hugely hazy and hoppy juice bomb full of mango, peach and pineapple, with a little bitterness, spice and everything nice.

O/O – Evergreen

With O/O’s amazing IPA, Muscles being such a favourite on tap, there was hole left in our menu that can only be filled by one of Sweden’s best upcoming breweries. This week, the hole is filled by Evergreen. Murky, golden, with tropical fruits a plenty, this beer then hits you with a dry and slight pine but moderate, bitter finish.

De Molen – Rasputin

The beer that refused to give in; when faced with a cease and desist order from a brewery that already made a beer named after Russia’s greatest love machine, De Molen renamed this beer to ‘Cease and Desist’ and finally to ‘Disputin’ for the US market. If you are looking for a top imperial stout, look no further than this thick and flavourful black hole of a beer, full of roast malt, dark chocolate, vanilla, dark fruits and salted liquorice.

Mikkeller – Hallo Ich Bin Berliner Weisse, Apricot

This series of the Danish giants take on the German classic style has left all who taste them refreshed, satisfied and with puckered lips. If you are looking for a fruity but hugely sour beer, this is the one. Expect tart, lemon juice with a peach yoghurt note, opening the beer up to a hidden sweetness.

This week we are adding to our gluten free beers too! We’ll have Mikkeller’s I Wish, and Peter Pale and Mary in the fridge. An IPA and an American pale that have everything you could want from a beer.

Except gluten.

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