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Ale’s Tales – Find Your Precious at Fram


Before you ask; yes. Yes we have got brand spanking new beers for you… this is Friends of Ham after all, searching the world of beer like Sauron looks for rings. And with the weather being how it is this month, we have a brew for every occasion, rain, shine, sleet, or any combination of the above.

Buxton Brewery – Buxton Spa

One for the warmer days, or one for sitting and dreaming of warmer days, this 4.1% ABV pale ale is wonderfully easy to drink, with bags full of flavour, courtesy of the addition of Citra. With a floral and fruity aroma, this golden hued beer bursts with floral, citrus fruit, white bread and grassy flavours finished with a medium bitterness.

Keep an eye out for Buxton’s Kingslayer, a brand new imperial IPA. Forget King Maker, this beer slays it. Ha. ha. ha.

Lost and Grounded – Keller Pils

One of the U.K’s newer breweries that has been making waves of late. If you didn’t come down to meet the brewer and try their new double IPA, then where were you? Come and grab a Keller Pils to find out what the Bristol based brewery are capable of. Crisp and refreshing, expect flavours of biscuit malt, a slight lemon juice kick, dry straw aromas and a grassy bitter finish. Sometimes the best things in life are the simple ones and in this case, German inspired.

Cloudwater – NW DIPA Citra

13 seemed to be the unlucky number for Cloudwater’s V series, the collection of DIPAs that made the Manchester brewery one of the leaders in the field. This is not the end for Cloudwater’s double IPA offerings though, from the ashes of V13 comes the New World DIPA, super hazy and packed with fruity flavours of mango and orange with a spicy bitterness throughout.

Cloudwater – DIPL

A style of beer that Cloudwater have only recently taken on, but instantly mastered, the IPL is a style that takes the best of lager and IPA. How can this be improved? Double it of course, make it 9%, why not? A sweet and refreshing bready malt base is added to by a bitter sweet combination of soft passion fruit and tangerine with a piney and boozey finish. If you want to come in and find out who writes these over enthusiastic blog posts, I’ll be the guy with one of these in my hand.

Northern Monk / Deya / Verdant – Hazemaker

A few months ago Deya and Verdant made a collab beer, and instantly soared to the top of the UK’s breweries to watch. Throw in local legends Northern Monk and you have yourself a beer that cannot be said no to. As you can probably guess, this beer is hazy. Shine a torch through it and you’ll get nothing but a torch with a flat battery. If you ever want to see through that glass again the only way is to drink this explosion of Amarillo, Columbus and Simcoe hops. It’s a patrons project too, so you can peel away the label and learn all about the beer in question.

Northern Monk / Other Half – Morello Cherry & Peruvian Coffee Imperial Porter

Another amazing collaboration from Northern Monk, available on cans and on cask! Now that is something special. Other Half form New York are up there with the worlds best, all they needed was a little bit of Leeds to create an imperial porter full of roast malt, dark chocolate, a huge coffee kick with the fruity yet fitting addition of cherries. This beautifully thick and fulfilling beer is best enjoyed after a hearty meal of charcuterie during Britain’s inevitable cold and wet “summer”.

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