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Ale’s Tales – What’s on the Bar

Magic Rock

Another Monday morning has passed, and with that, another day scouring list after list of delicious beer for the gems; the crème de la crème, the cream of the crop, the beers that, when we see them, a stream of light bursts out of the computer screen, Pulp Fiction suitcase style.

Verdant – I Played The Trumpet On That Tune

Verdant Brewing Co doing exactly what they state on the lable: ‘Juicy, hoppy, unfiltered hazy beers’. They’re a brewery that has appeared out of nowhere and one that’s proved there is still plenty of room in the emerging British beer market. ‘I Played The Trumpet On That Tune’ is no exception with this Citra IPA; another example of what Verdant have come to be known for. Aroma-wise there are notes of tangerine, mango, slightly dry, with undertones of sweet bread malt and a pine aspect that is waiting to be opened up on the tongue. On sipping there is an instant juicy citrus burst, mirroring the nose with the addition of peach and passion fruit. The malt back bone adds a bread crust dryness, clearing the way to a slight piney resin combined with bitter orange on the finish

Alongside this we have Headband and Lightbulb from Verdant, two easy drinking pale ales to sip on during the long days

Magic Rock – Grower Owned

The first of two brand spanking new Magic Rock IPA cans are both collabs brewed in the aftermath of last months Hop City. Grower Owned is an IPA brewed in collaboration with YCH hops to showcase the best of the new hop season. Expect a well-balanced beer, with Cascade, Citra, Mosaic and Simcoe hops on a smooth mouth feel from oats added to a subtle malt body.

Magic Rock – Half Cut

In collaboration with the outstanding Other Half, a brewery that has proved they know how to make good DIPA, Half Cut is an 8% ABV explosion of hops. With an IBU of 60, this low bitter base sets the stage for huge tropical and citrus flavours and a soft mouth feel.

Coming soon…

Mikkeller – Beer Geek Dessert

Another of the Danish giant’s outstanding series, to sit comfortably next to its Vanilla Shake brother in our fridge, this time, an imperial stout brewed with coffee, vanilla and cocoa.  With a smooth texture and sweet aromas of chocolate cake, cocoa powder and a taste to match, moving into dryer coffee, dark chocolate notes. It’s what it says on the label; dessert, but beer.

Oh boy what a beery month May has already been; we were graced with Ireland’s best crafter brewery, Galway Bay, for an evening of beer and cheese tasting, including ‘Of Foam and Fury’, a Mosaic forward double IPA, once considered to be the best beer to come out of Ireland until the release of ‘200 Fathoms’, an Imperial Stout aged in Teelings Irish whisky casks. As well as this, our staff have been down at North Brewing co with Yorkshire Wine School learning about everything beer in preparation for Cicerone exams. If you didn’t think we knew our stuff already, we’ve got a certificate to prove it. Look out for our Cloaking Device release party with Brooklyn Brewery on the 22nd and a dinner with Redchurch’s Urban Farmhouse on the 18th – if you haven’t been able to get a ticket, do not worry. We will be having a full tap takeover of all the beers at the event.

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