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The Kernel x Magic Rock Beer Dinner & Tap Takeover


January is almost over. For some of us it has been a dry January, or a try-anuary, or a gym-pass-that-might-not-see-the-light-of-day-after-a-month-or-two-at-the-most-anuary. However you spent the month, we think January should go out with a bang, so here at Friends of Ham we’re putting together the perfect event to ensure that happens. It’s time to celebrate a pre-valentines day love – one that needs no three quid card and box of chocolates; the love of good beer and good food. Coming to you from Magic Rock and The Kernel, via our kitchen and directly to your mouths, we have a beer dinner to end your January on the perfect high.

On January 26th, two breweries very dear to our heart have each selected five beers to pair alongside five fantastic dishes, not only showcasing the amazing food and drink, but also the exciting ways in which they can be paired, all in the company of founders and owners from The Kernel Brewery and Magic Rock Brewing, Evan and Rich.

On opening, Friends of Ham was the first bar to serve Kernel outside of London, and we couldn’t be luckier to have Magic Rock just a stone’s throw away from our door. You can always find these two breweries gracing our shelves.

Over the evening you will see how two differing fermented offerings can compliment the same dish, be it Magic Rock’s Salty Kiss, a light citrusy Gose that cuts through rich creamy Iberico Risotto, or The Kernel’s outstanding Raspberry Export Stout, to accentuate the deep chocolate of Panettone and Orange with Hazelnut Ice Cream, with an added red fruit bonus. This eclectic beverage selection is not the only treat mind, the dishes are ones never seen on our menu, including crispy Carne Salata, a partially cured beef, that could only be improved by frying and pairing with The Kernel’s Beir De Saison, re-fermented with Syrah grapes then aged in ex Burgundy barrels. Its winous notes matching the red meat along side the Saison’s yeasty, bready character. It doesn’t stop there, ohhhh no, Magic Rock have some very special surprises in store, so keep your eyes peeled. If you’ve missed out on tickets, don’t be disheartened. The events beer selection will be available on our taps over the weekend so fill your boots, and your glasses; these beers are not to be missed.


Tickets cost £28 per person and are available to buy from our online shop.

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