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Capra Nouveau Bows out in Style

Working in a place like Friends of Ham makes you appreciate the incredible hard work that people put into creating delicious products. We hear stories of Italian bus drivers making the best Nduja known to man and French farmers trekking up mountains to bring the cows in for the winter to produce incredible Vacherin. It’s fair to say you gain a bond with meats, cheeses and beers when you know the backstory and effort that the people put into them.

So when we heard that Capra Nouveau producer Sarah Hampton at Brock Hall Farm had decided to stop producing the cheese we were hit hard. In the four years that we have been open we have more often than not featured the wonderful cheese. It has been a favourite amongst staff and customers alike.

The Unpasteurised goat’s cheese from Shropshire is a super soft creamy washed rind beauty. The cheese is washed in local cider for 3 months giving a luxurious semi-soft texture. The cheese is then wrapped in spruce. This is a classic process in cheese production and famously used in the Vacherin production. The taste of Capra Nouveau is a unique one but also delicious. The paste has a light goaty taste and a big punchy herbaceous hit. It then moves to a strong fruity, sharper and sweet rind. To put it in simple terms it tastes Amazing!

When Andy from Courtyard Dairy told us about a chance to get our hands on Sarah’s last ever batch of Capra we bit his hand off. The cheese has arrived and it’s everything we remember and more. She has produced potentially the best batch we have tasted. So it’s only fair that we share this cracker of a cheese with you the customers.

We are featuring Capra Nouveau as our cheese of the week (and maybe next week it’s really that good) in Friends of Ham in Leeds. Come down to pay homage to a cheese that will not grace our fair world ever again.

We hope to see you at the Ham Bar Soon

George and the rest of the Kitchen Team

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