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To Øl Christmas…

To add to the utterly mental year that is 2016, there has been a change to this year’s calendar; Christmas day has been moved to December 1st. Eat all 25 chocolates in your advent calendar, chuck the turkey in the freezer next to the tuna and tell Uncle Steve that he’ll have to talk to someone else about his top 10 mosses this year, because Friends of Ham have six presents for you in the form of To Øl Christmas beers, so good that they’ll knock off the socks Nan bought you last year.

As Sir Cliff said: “Christmas time, mistletoe and….beer.”

At 5pm on Christmas day 2.0, Denmark’s finest flavoursome festive fermented beverages will hit our taps, so there’s no need to wake up early or even debate if you’ve been given coal again this year, just pop in and fill your face with festiveness, served by our own bearded bundle of joy, St Davecholas.

Santa Gose F&#% It All

A variation on the outstanding ‘Gose to Hollywood’; Father Christmas has skipped Tinseltown, gone traveling and is going by the name ‘Nick’. A hazy, golden pouring gose bursting with aromas of mango, guava, and a sharp lemon kick. Give it a sip and this beer is hugely refreshing, with a salty hit giving way to pineapple, passion fruit, and zesty citrus notes. At 4% you can have a few. Go on, its Christmas.

Sur Yule

To Øl’s Sur range has become synonymous with the brewery; this sour mashed winter pale adds something a bit special to the mix with cherries and a sack-load of dry hopped Vic’s Secret. Sur Yule is matte red with essences of deep ripened fruit, lemon and a vinous character. It works its way from an initial sourness through to a tart cherry flavour amongst citrus zest, floral notes and a yeasty dry finish.


It has to be said that a saison makes a perfect digestif to a big meal, especially one such as this. Snowball is a hugely crisp, dry hopped saison with enough brettanomyces to eat your meal, your familes meal, and any leftovers. A medium straw colour with a big effervescent mouthfeel creates a bitter sweet flavour with a yeasty funk, lemon and orange pith, a slight grassy note alongside white bread and a lasting dry finish for you to remember it by…until the next sip.

Fuck Art Winter’s Coming

A HBO lawsuit waiting to happen; this golden Belgian Tripel will warm you up with its cardamom and coriander spiciness. On top of a malty caramel body, there are flavours of orange peel, dried stone fruit and bitter but boozy warmth to cap it all off.


Shameless Santa

He’s already said ‘F&#% It All’ so why not go all the way and be utterly shameless, Santa has had a few glasses of this big Belgian strong red ale and has put Rudolf at the back of the line up for a laugh. It’s medium dark amber hue is reminiscent of the rich dark fruit flavours that wait inside, along side toffee, slight yeastiness and resinous notes. There’s enough candi sugar here to shake a…candy cane at, balanced with a moderate hoppiness and a bitter finish.

Jule Mælk

To Øl’s strongest beer to date; richer than gold, frankincense and myrrh mixed together, Jule Mælk is an imperial milk stout stuffed full of lactose ‘Foie Gras’ style (To Øl’s words). It’s thick, oily with a slick mouthfeel thanks to the phenomenal amount of lactose, added to by a chocolate mousse-like head. On the tongue, flavours of rich dark chocolate, deep roast malt, mocha, molasses, burnt caramel, toffee and liquorice envelop the mouth with a sweet finish. Christmas pudding, eat your heart out.

Like Christmas days old and new, our line up reflects just that: from the well-intentioned easy drinkers, they quickly turn sour until it’s time to grab a palate cleanser and finally grab the big hitters. You can even buy Nan a sherry to make up for the missing socks.

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